January 30, 2010

Going Home Forever!

Hey! I'm going to my forever home today.
Foster mom saying good-bye. Do the tears ever end?
Don't worry, I'll never forget you. Thanks for helping me get to this point in my life.
My new mom, Meg and foster mom. WOW! I'm so lucky I have 2 families that love me. Thanks IBR for a second chance.

Positive Tick Results Positive Attitude

December 25, 2009

Having a Snow ball of fun.

Cliff likes to play with a ball once in a while and gets goofy outside and can enjoy it all by himself.

He has turned into a really sweet family dog and lays around the house. On occasion, he does have an accident still when left alone. Whether it's a separation anxiety issue is unknown, so I would suggest that if going out, he be put in his kennel. He doesn't mind it and when told to go "into your room" he goes willingly.

December 15, 2009

I got to meet this big hairy guy in a funny red suit, that humans call Santa. I was told you tell him everything you want and he will bring it to you, if, you're good. Well, I'm good and I don't know if it's suppose to be a secret, but I asked Santa for a forever family that will love me and play with me and let me love them back with lots of couch sharing and wet kisses. I sure hope Santa can pull this off. Paws crossed.

December 7, 2009

Friends, Snow, Good Times

We had 2" of snow today and Lily and I played a little bit in it along with Ali.

December 5, 2009

Feeling Like Home

I've been here just over 3 months and it really is feeling like home. I lay around or share a bed with another, this is Sugar, formerly an IBR rescue dog. And now we have another foster dog in the house, Lily who is still a puppy (1-1/2 yrs) and loves to play (click on her name to go to her blog). So I decided to give her a run. Lady (adopted too) and Sugar look on. Teaching Lily the pack order is interesting, but she's learning she's #6 and I come before her :o)

November 18, 2009

Cliff's Jumps for Dinner

Cliff acts like he's on a spring board when it comes to his meals. Although not as active in this video, he has a pretty good spring in his feet when anticipating his meal and really is more excited about getting it than eating it.

November 17, 2009

Heathcliff getting ready for a hunting weekend

This is a new person that Cliff has never met before and is learning to handle with a "stranger". He did quite well.

Making Progress

Since my last writing, Cliff has excepted his kennel during the day and will stay quiet in there for hours. He seems to only start to whine when he may have to go potty. Which he now knows the meaning of. Although you have to repeat the word several times when he goes outdoors (he gets distracted), he does do it. He does bark to go out when he has to potty, if you aren't telling him first, and has gone to the back door. Or if he is sleeping, he will get up and wonder in circles, to let you know. He still has accidents, but far less than before. Since he likes to walk, we take a walk before bedtime, weather permitting, and he has met every tree in the neighborhood :o) He prefers to back up to bushes or tall grasses to do his #2, but no problem if it's not around either.

He prefers to lay in a big comfy recliner than a dog bed, but does know the word "off" and does it without hesitation, if you want your chair. He loves to be petted and will now roll over for a belly rub. He's not a kisser, or hugger as many setters are, but he has a way of putting his head in your lap or hands that has the same special meaning. LOVE!

His separation anxiety seems to have gone away now too. I can leave him with my other dogs and not hear him bark or cry when I walk out the door. I guess he knows I will not leave him like his last owner did.

When in the mood of play, he is silly to watch bounce around after his stuffy, throwing it up in the air and pouncing on it, or running the yard with a tennis ball and dropping it. He will bark at others to play with him. He has a low, muffled bark.

November 2, 2009

Welcoming in Fall

At least someone smiles for the camera. Not me.
I can think of better places to sit than on crunchy leaves.
Like this cheese cake pose?
Sharing a bench.

October 30, 2009

Slip and Slide

I doubt that Cliff ever had a stuffy before, but boy does he enjoy them. His enthusiasm, his big body and slippery floors makes for some fun times.

October 27, 2009

It's Been Two Months

I've been in foster care 2 months now and boy! does time fly when you're granted the wish for a family atmosphere. I still sleep in my kennel at bed time, but other than that I pretty much get to sleep or relax where I want. Well, not actually, 'cuz I sure wouldn't pick this chair and I am limited to the room my humans are in still.
sound asleep, but...
all squished up.
Do you really think I'm comfy with my $#@$# hanging over? Can't I have the couch?
At least I can stretch out here.

To be honest, I don't care for my kennel except for bedtime. I go in okay, but then I get sad and moan and sometimes bark. But I understand why I have to go in there. See, I like to counter surf and even if no food is on them, I will find something to take off of them regardless. But when humans are around I don't try it so correcting me is kind of hard, since I'm not caught in the act.

September 27, 2009

A Beautiful and Amazing Talent

Until you participate in a hunt test or field trial or hunt on your own, you really can't appreciate what these dogs have in their blood. Their natural instinct is un-canny. Down right beautiful.

I've seen my own dogs point squirrels :o) and the beauty in their statuesque pose. I marvel that they get "to the point" with no formal training. But to see a dog, fulfill to the fullest, his/her heritage is breathtaking. Honest.

I never gave it much thought before. To me, a hunting dog was a hunting dog, no big deal. I never saw a dog do what he/she was suppose to do in the field. Watching it on TV, which I haven't done, wouldn't be the same. It didn't mean anything to me. Now, I have a real appreciation for their talents and respect what they do. Until you can experience it or see it happening in front of you, you'll never really know.

I love my non-hunting dogs and it doesn't matter to me that they don't hunt. They are complete in my heart for who they are. I love them no less. But I have a new respect for those that have the talent to hunt.

Although I didn't have an interest in doing this, I have to say that I'm glad Lisa had me do it. She saw the talent that Heathcliff had from the beginning and possibly giving him a second chance, with a family that doesn't care he may be a little older. He's by no means done hunting. His run was intense from the minute his leash was off. He never tired for the 15+ minutes he had allocated to him. His recall was amazing, but I knew that from Wauconda dog park of 68 acres. He runs large, covers a lot of ground and checks in or comes when called, every time. He retrieved the birds and brought them back to me. Alive!

To imagine that someone let him go, for what I believe is age, is so sad. The elders teach the young. What a waste of talent. It would take years to teach a young dog all the knowledge he has. The only good part of this sad situation is this, I WILL MAKE SURE HIS NEW PARENTS WILL APPRECIATE AND LOVE HIM FOREVER!

September 26, 2009

Excrcise Pays Off

Exercise really can make you do better. Just look at what I did today. I AM A HUNTER!! Registered with the AKC as "IBR’s Unrequited Love"
aka HeathcliffI got my first "Q" will you help me get my Jr. Hunt Title? Just think of the bond we'll have earning it together. We CAN DO IT!

My very first Hunt Test and although I don't know what it exactly means, my scores were 8's in 4 catagories. WOW! for me. Check this out.

Here is a slideshow pictures of Casey, Trudy, Lani and Buckwheat and the judges out in the field.

September 25, 2009

Taking a Breather

I have to keep in shape for my big Hunt Test tomorrow.
Even I need to take a breather from the workout.
Come back tomorrow night and I'll let you know how I did. Now, back to running!

September 16, 2009

Feeling Better to Play Now

After going through some surgery last week, I finally feel like playing. To everyones surprise, I do play. What fun!

I think I surprised Jimmy Choo. He didn't expect me to chase him.

September 14, 2009

Fun Day at the Park

I got neutured this past Thursday, but it sure didn't stop me from having so much fun. I was a little sore Sunday night, but by morning, I was back to my normal self.

I had a BLAST!!! A pack (10 total) of us went to the dog park Sunday and man was it fun. We ran for 2-1/2 hours nonstop. It felt great to run the open fields and through the woods.

To cool off we did find a mud pond of sorts. Needless to say, the humans weren't to thrilled with us. Don't you think it highlights our whites :o)Lani wins the prize for the best coverage.

September 7, 2009

Laid Back and Relaxed

Cliff has been here 3 weeks now and he is really a great dog. He doesn't hump my other foster anymore. Hasn't marked in the house. Gets a little separation anxiety, but calms down quickly. Sleeps out of his kennel with no issues. Likes to hang where ever you are, rather than being out in the yard with other dogs or just roaming or laying around.

Off Leash And Having a Blast

Only being in foster care for less than 2 weeks, Heathcliff (aka Cliff) is having a blast running the open fields with the other dogs. He is excellent in checking in, staying about 100-200 yds out and can point a bird at least 10 feet away and hold point. He was a hunter at some point in his life and could be an excellent bird dog for his new family too, I bet. We haven't shot over him yet, so it's only speculation on our part for now.

September 3, 2009

6 Pack for Dinner

Another friend for dinner. Jimmy Choo has come to stay. Gees! any more and we'll have to eat outside. 4 of the 6 of us are IBR dogs. 2 of us are fosters. IBR dogs are; Sugar standing on the towel, Jimmy next to her, me standing in front of Jimmy and Ali in the lower left corner. Lady, in front of Sugar was adopted from a shelter and Sienna by the table, came as a puppy 5 years ago. What a happy group.

After a good meal, a little rest feels good. Unfortunately, I'm just a little too big to be a lap dog. But this may work and a lot more comfortable.